General Average Ever Given

Dear Customer,

We hereby would like to inform you of the recent developments regarding the m.v. "Ever Given" that was stranded in the Suez Canal.

ETA unknown

The vessel is at present still in Egypt at Great Bitter Lake. We understand that she is detained by the Suez Canal Authority. The ETA Rotterdam of the containers carried on board at present is unknown.

General average

As you will have learned, the owners of the "Ever Given" declared general average. The maritime concept of general average provides for an apportionment of specific expenditures, including salvage costs, over the parties interested in property involved in the maritime adventure at the time that the expenditures were incurred. The general average calculation will be made by the appointed average adjuster, Richards Hogg Lindley ("RHL"), in due course.

Security required

Please note that general average security has to be provided before your cargo will be released by the shipowner. Briefly summarized, in respect of insured cargo, an average guarantee needs to be provided by your cargo underwriters together with the cargo invoice. For uninsured cargo, an average bond is to be completed digitally. In addition, the cargo invoice needs to be provided and a cash deposit needs to be paid. For further details, we refer to the attached documents as well as to RHL's website:
Casualty: EVER GIVEN
Password: GE2123

Please make sure that security is arranged soonest in order to prevent further delay in the delivery of your cargo. We repeat that as long as no security is in place, the shipowner will not release your cargo.

Way forward

We suggest that you get in contact with your insurance broker/underwriters as soon as possible. They should be able to further assist you in the process of security provision. In respect of uninsured cargo, please complete the average bond online and arrange for payment of the deposit when the amount has been advised by the adjuster on the above mentioned website.

Please do advise us when security has been provided and you have obtained the confirmation from RHL that the cargo has been released, so we can further coordinate the delivery of your cargo and prevent delay as much as possible.

Please note that we are not involved in the general average process. This is run by the shipowner and RHL. Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to let us know if and when we can be of further assistance.  

More information (pdf)